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Psychology Test
Our target participants: To all the people who are willing to listen and who are looking for a deeper meaning in life. The Psychological Test ISPEF born with the aim of analyzing the Psychic Universe and the structure of the personality of each individual, giving directions and making reflect on their personal choices, affective and values. Purpose of Certification  The Psychological Test ISPEF are essential to analyze the characteristics, needs and expectations of individual emotional and social awareness, and having regard to the structure of personality and the socio-economic-cultural where you live. The Psychological Test ISPEF enable us to understand their own emotions and their own Psychic Universe, to educate them to live intensely and deeply, to customize the reality with its own way of being, build your own well-being and choice of values ​​to make free, informed and responsible. The Psychological Test ISPEF are essential to promote a full and satisfying life, to grasp the meaning of his own existence, to give a deep motivation to activities that are done daily.
The Psychological Test experimented and validated dall'ISPEF they are:
Test “History of the 3 symbols” ©
Projective tests of the design ©
Test “LAS – List of Personality Adjectives” ©
Test “LEP – Subjective List of Emotions” ©
Institute of Psychological Sciences of Education and Training
I.S.P.E.F. Psychology
licensed by Ministry of Instruction, University and Research of Italy  D.M. 177/2000
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