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Social Relational Dynamics Project
The Project "SOCIAL RELATIONAL DYNAMICS” is structured to allow psychologists to acquire professional skills to: 1. build a map of the psycho-social relationships, 2.analizzare the psychological dynamics and social interactions through: a) the structuring psychological environment, b) the spatial arrangement of people, c) the recognition of social roles, d) the identification of social groups and their function within the social activities. 3. meet the educational attitude of people through the analysis of the map of the psycho-social context. 4. understand the evolution of the socio-relational interactions of people within the group-people. The project "Social-Relational Dynamics" is structured on 4 optics of intervention: 1: intervention of the psychologist, 2: intervention in social reality, 3: intervention on the people involved, 4: intervention of the social context. The itinerary methodology for the realization of the project "Social- Relational Dynamics", is characterized by five psychological variables that will be analyzed: 1. the structuring and arrangement of the places of the people; 2 Map of the ideal context psycho-social,; 3 Observation / monitoring of social experiences; 4. the identification of the social roles of individuals; 5. relationship choices of people and the relational graphs of the social context.