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Psychic Universe Project
The project "Psychic Universe" wants to offer a dynamic model to take the path of psychic Knowing the emotions, both individually, and as a group and affective relationships of the social context. Educate yourself to experience the emotions is crucial in the Company Tecno-Computerized twenty-first century, in order to become people who can act and decide autonomously and creatively in the community where you live. The implementation of the model of 'PSYCHIC UNIVERSE and psychological journey to EDUCATE THE EMOTIONS allows each individual to express their psychic world and to reflect on itself; at the same time enable him to understand others and to evolve his personality characteristics within a social context welcoming and stimulating. The project "Psychic Universe" covers the following main topics: 1.VIVERE EMOTIONS 2.What ARE AND WHAT ARE THE EMOTIONS 3.EDUCARE TO LIVE THE EMOTIONS 4.Why EDUCATING TO LIVE THE EMOTIONS 5.How to EDUCATE TO LIVE THE EMOTIONS