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Mental Universe Project
Research on personality and individual differences have shown that psycho-intellectual development of individuals is a result interactive, more or less explicit, cognitive activity, affective and relational operations; This development is a function of continuous adaptation to the needs of the individual internal stimuli of the environment and social incentives, which result in a constant change of its behavior in response to these stresses. Cognitive development, the individual proceeds to progressive achievements through qualitative leaps and ongoing restructuring of its experiential field and its Mental Universe, rather than through an accumulation of knowledge, data obtained mechanically, without reasoning more or less explicit. Each new level cognitive allows new interpretations which allow, in turn, evolve into new cognitive levels, which include more and more experiences and concepts experienced in reality or in the mental abstractions. In this way, the cognitive level reached is a simple step to develop a new level deeper and broader. According to this model, the project MENTAL UNIVERSE wants to act on cognitive levels, to understand the limitations and mental potential of the individual, and therefore know and evaluate the ways that both types of educational intervention in order to promote the progressive development of psychological skills for an improvement in cognitive capacity for autonomy, problem-solving strategies and procedures in the execution of tasks. The Project MENTAL UNIVERSE develops the following main themes: MENTAL 1.L'UNIVERSO and its AREAS 2.IL WORLD COGNITIVE 3.IL WORLD OF COGNITIVE PROCESSES 4.The COGNITIVE STYLES